Advertising films with different aesthetics and dynamic

With almost 10 years in the market, we are a Video Producer specializing in communication projects. Our mission is to create and produce video solutions that inform, communicate and bring people and businesses together.

We provide service from prognosis to final delivery. Together with our clients, we develop script creation, pre-production, video recording and post-production. We produce institutional videos, business videos, music videos, training videos, 2D and 3D animations, social media videos, product videos, corporate event coverage and lectures. 


We work with the most advanced equipment in the market so that all our productions have the highest technical and aesthetic quality available.




Mike Fontana discovered the magic of audiovisual when he worked at Record Internacional in Portugal, doing graphic art and marketing. Returning to Brazil, during a College of Cinema, fell totally in love with this industry.

Years later, already with a good experience, set up its production company. Today, its production company has a beautiful team, ready to meet any situation regarding Audiovisual and Graphic Art.


Fascinated with light, movement and composition, Charles focuses on every detail in his storytelling craft.
By tying these moments together he aims to compose stories that captivate and connect with the audience.
In his down time, he enjoys being active and staying outdoors.

Charles lives in New York City and currently holds the position of director and editor on institutional videos and TV shows produced by Fontana Filmes.






Av. Maria Emilia Alves S. Angelis, 730 Ap 164
Campinas, SP 13044-163